The role that planning and research play in the long-term vitality of an organization cannot be underestimated. Planning and research in public and nonprofit inistitutions is often done in isolation if at all.  These  essential functions which are staples in for-profit institutions are most critical in nonprofits which most often lack resources both human and financial.  We see it as our mission to eliminate this barrier by developing creative solutions.

Scorecard works collaboratively with a wide partnership of planning and research professionals to create a uniquely tailored planning and/or research experience. Our teams are assembled according to project depth, focus, and budget.  While some projects may require the expertise of one individual, other more complex projects may require 5-6.  In these cases, we partner with  professionals who meet the right fit of expertise and negotiate fee reductions according to budget. 

Adilah S. Muhammad, Consultant

B.S. DePauw University, Greencastle, IN
M.A. Public Policy and Management, Edmund Muskie School of Public Policy,University of Southern Maine

Inter-Organizational Collaboration
Performance Measurement
Program Development
Strategic Planning